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Pack up the kids – we’re moving! May 14, 2010

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I must confess. I’m ending my relationship with  I’ve recently met and, well, he completes me. He’s just so good looking, easy to talk to … and oh, I know just how to push his buttons.

I hope you’ll join me at

Come on, do it!


Playing catch-up April 21, 2010

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This week has been so long and it’s only half over.  Not sure what’s up with that, but I wanted to take a few and post my project365 pics because I’m so behind! I have been keeping up with it, though. And tomorrow, there will be an honest-to-blog blog.

Until then, these will have to do.


I’m a writin’ fool April 15, 2010

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Yesterday’s project365 photo had to be a shot of the book I’ve been writing because I finally feel like I’m getting somewhere!  I’m more than halfway through, thanks in part to the fact that I’ve cranked out a chapter a day for the past three days. And if I have time tonight I might just make it four.

A couple of people have asked me what the book is about so I figure now is as good a time as any to fill you in. As much as I hate-hate-hate, loathe entirely, the term “chick-lit,” it totally is. Guys, feel free to skim this part of the blog – I’ll let you know where to come back in.

The Book That Is Yet To Be Named is a lighthearted story about Allison Garner, a girl who returns to her tiny home town after attending college in the city. She’s fairly content with her small life until a sophisticated stranger comes to town and shakes things up. Eventually, she learns to find happiness in unexpected places.

Anyway, I’m seriously hoping to finish up my first draft in the next few weeks and get to polishing and expanding. And I plan on submitting it to agents and actually trying to be published. Other people do it, why can’t I?  That’s kind of my philosophy these days.

Guys – you can jump back in anytime.

In other news, I’m kind of amazed that I wake up rested at all.  If you know me very well,  you know that I have crazy dreams on almost a nightly basis.  So crazy, that I started keeping a dream journal just because they can be so screwed up – and sometimes pretty funny. This week has been no exception.

Last night, I was in line at McDonald’s (which isn’t someplace I normally dream about), when a local politician walked in and went straight to the front of the line. He got his pancakes and sausage immediately and sat down at a counter to eat, when a man near the back of the restaurant stood up, enraged.  He shouted something about how he’d been waiting for an hour for the same meal and they gave the other guy his.  As he walked out the door, he said he was going to blow the place up. Naturally, this place is right across the street from my house, so I spend the next few days watching out my window, waiting for the place to blow up and wondering if I’m far enough away or if it’ll get me, too. Eventually it does blow up and several people are inside when it happens so it’s tragic.  The next thing I know, I’m on a college campus where a marching band/symphony is doing a tribute to those who lost their lives to the Mickey D’s bomber. I’m talking to one of the trumpet players who tells me that the band lost several of it’s own to the explosion including it’s best trumpet player. Then he leans over and tells me that while he’ll miss his friend, he’s always wanted to be first chair in the band.

And then I woke up.  Morals of the dream: politicians shouldn’t put themselves first or there will be consequences, too much McDonalds will make you “blow up” and people in band are just never cool.  (Kidding, band kids.) 🙂

I think I’ll start posting more of my crazy dreams – analyzed, of course – on here. If you find them funny, tell me.  If I’m the only person who thinks they’re amusing , tell me to shut up. K? K.

Peace and love (and hopefully sweet dreams!)


What does it mean if you know you don’t mean it? April 14, 2010

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Today is Tuesday.  Which inevitably means I have a headache.  That’s because today is production day at the newspaper, the day to end all days if you’re an editor. Let me see if I can explain what it’s like … Imagine you have an intricate jigsaw puzzle that you have to complete by a certain time. And it will take you all of those 10 (on a good day) hours and all your brain cells to get it all put together and nice to look at.  Once you get it figured out, you’ll have to deal with advertising issues – because there’s always something to deal with. And then you’ll remember a piece of the puzzle that you left out  – and while it’s already perfectly assembled – someone will freak out because it wasn’t in there.  So you break a little area to squeeze it in and hope that it doesn’t look too awkward.  You’ll worry and obsess once you’re finished and home, if you’re like me, that there’s some huge error in your puzzle where something slipped through. And then tomorrow, someone will see your puzzle and, without fail, point out something you did wrong. Nevermind all the pieces you got right (although some days people compliment you on those, too).

So yeah, I kind of hate Tuesdays.  When designing my own newspaper was new, I loved pagination day. I had pagination imagination, you could say. A year later, I could lay out most pages in my sleep and I think of more creative ways to design them, only to wonder if it would be too much of a change. I already redesigned this thing when I took over so I don’t want to go all willy-nilly with our look every six months.

But enough about that.  While work was, as I said before, a headache, the drive home was beautiful and filled with fantastic new music. And the sight of my doorstep made me so happy that it is today’s project365 photo.  That’s 10/365 for those of you keeping score.

Fully aware that it’s not the most interesting photo ever, but it sums up my day.

And since I mentioned good driving music, today’s song o’ the day (that you probably haven’t heard yet) is new from Dave Barnes, “Chameleon.” Listen to a sample here or buy it on the iTunes.  It’s so dang catchy! And the sample cuts off right at the catchy part so just buy it. 🙂


Monday madness April 12, 2010

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Too busy getting newspaper-y (yes, that’s a word – trust me, I’m a journalist) stuff done to really write much, but I wanted to share Friday-today’s project365 photos.

Friday = baseball these days.

First flip-flop day of the year for me.  LOVE this weather.

Tulips are every where these days and I like it.

I don’t know how this thing works but I’m curious. I pass it every day on my walk to/from work. Random, I know.

Alright, that’s it for now.  Happy Monday, friends.

Quote of the day: “You don’t have to be the best at the start, but you have to start to be the best.” (Not sure why I’m feeling all inspirational, but we can all use that on Monday.)


Fantastic Friday Fun April 9, 2010

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If you missed Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last night, you missed a great installment of “6-bee” – the cast’s take on Fox’s hit show Glee. And let me tell you, as someone who is anxiously awaiting the return of Will Schuester and the formidable Sue Sylvester, I loved it.

Fallon’s crew is all set for glee club sectionals when they find out that they’ll be competing against the cast of Parks and Recreation.  And in a plot twist – The Roots are also in the mix.

If you  like Glee, you’ll like this.  And if you don’t, you’re a jazzhole.

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And since Steve Jobs was all chatty yesterday about all the Apple goodness lots of people are wondering if they should buy the iPad.  I found this chart today that should help you with your decision making.

Have a great weekend!


April 8

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April 8, originally uploaded by jackiespotlight.

Great sunset today, so I had to take a shot … and decided to do it with the hipstamatic app on iphone. It’s probably my new favorite thing and you can expect lots of these shots for the rest of the project! Besides, it makes my boring little world look much more interesting.

Since iPhone 4.0 was all the talk today – what apps can’t you live without? I’d love to know! As far as photo apps go, the aforementioned and QuadCamera are my tops.

Hope you’re April 8 was as sunny as mine. 🙂